Friendly to the environment as well

Friendly Viking’s oat products are made by a Finnish family-owned company, Juustoportti. That is why we have been able to cherish responsibility and friendliness of our production already for decades. For us, it’s just a natural way to do things. All Friendly Viking’s oat products are plant-based and our oat drinks are packed in Certified Carbon Neutral packaging. Neither artificial sweeteners nor preservatives are added to our products.

100% of our electricity consumption is powered by wind, solar and water energy – we even have our own solar power plant! 90% of the thermal energy we use is renewable bioenergy.

Modest Oats

Oats are modest plants that thrive in the cool and rugged Nordic soil. Oat withstands the cold, which naturally eliminates impurities during the frosty wintertime, so insecticides are not much needed.

But there’s more to oats than this. According to research, oats contribute less carbon to the atmosphere than soybeans and other plants used in plant-based milk options and require less water to grow. For example, it takes six times as much water to grow almonds than it does to grow oats. Thanks to this, oat products have a smaller carbon footprint than other plant-based options for dairy products.