Oat drinks

Friendly Viking’s Oat Drinks are all plant-based and made from premium Finnish oats. We have an oat drink for every need – always without any added sugar. We don’t like to brag, but it happens to be a fact that the water we use is the purest in the world, as well as our air. Together with our know-how, they ensure premium Nordic taste and quality – ready to conquer the world! Learn more about our oat drinks below.

Oat Drink Organic 1 l

Nutritional values / 100 g

190 kJ / 45 kcal
1,5 g
of which saturates
0,1 g
7,5 g
of which sugars
2,1 g*
0,1 g
*Contains naturally occurring sugars


Water, organic OATS 10% (Finland), organic rapeseed oil, salt.

Good to know

Certified carbon neutral packaging
Dairy free

Friendly Viking’s Organic Oat Drink is made from organic, Nordic oats and has nothing extra added to it. Drink it as such, or use it for baking, cooking, hot and cold drinks and all other delicious (and organic!) goodies you come up with.